Being a kid was weird

If you were a strange kid you are likely an equally strange adult. The Saturday Friends Club is for those who think fondly of the bizarre stew of TV, movies, games, toys, and extra goodies of our youth.

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Episode 090 – π

December is upon us which means the holidays are in full effect. And what says 2018 Holidays better then Eric’s choice: Darren Aronofsky directorial debut about numbers, Jewish mysticism, and …

Episode 089 – Adams Family Values

Happy post American Thanksgiving dear friends! We hope you have all returned from your turkey and mashed potato based coma and are interested in more nostalgic ramblings. Kisle offers up …

Episode 088 – Short Circuit

What if I told you that in the 1980s they thought that we’d use machines to carry out military operations instead of troops? Crazy right. Add to it a power …

Episode 087 – Armageddon

There will be nights where we may not want to close our eyes or fall asleep. Those reasons could include a giant spiky screaming green space rock hurling towards the …